What does it mean when a cat yowls?

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Cats make the strangest sounds. From the pleasant feline vocalization like purrs, trills and meows to the annoying and alarming cat yowling. Why do cat yowl and what does it mean? Is there a way to stop it?

According to the experts, a cat yowling means the cat is talking to you. The problem is humans don’t technically speak cat. Cats are trying to communicate something to us in yowling. We just have to try to figure out what it is they are trying to say. Check these following reasons for cat yowling to understand and figure out this feline behavior:

Cat’s yowl because they are hungry
An obvious reason yowling, but cats do what works. If you see that cat still has plenty of food in his or her bowl and is still yowling, hunger is probably not the cause.

Cat wants to get your attention
Cats have a reputation for being aloof loners, but some cats need more attention than others. If you’ve been busy or not playing with your cat as much as usual, try to give your feline more attention and see if that cat yowling will stop.

Cats yowl because they are bored
Yowling might be your cat’s way of expressing that he or she is frustrated and bored. It’s really hard for owners to provide an entertaining indoor-only environment for cats especially for cats that have been outside and brought indoors. If you think your cat is longing for the outdoors, consider installing a cat enclosure systems so your feline would have a safe outdoor time.

A signal of a hormone issue
Cat yowling might be a sign for their breeding season. Cats make horrible noises when they are breeding. It might disturb humans but it’s quite normal. Your cat must be in heat if she isn’t spayed. See a vet for having your cat spayed and see if that will help stop the yowling.

Cats yowl when they are in pain
One cause of yowling might be that your cat is in pain. Arthritis, injury or an illness could be reason for your cat to make this alarming sound. Take your cat to a vet for a full physical check-up.

Cat yowling could be a sign of cognitive dysfunction.
Older cats are at risk of cognitive dysfunction aka the cat dementia. Your vet can examine your cat to determine if this condition is the cause.


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