The Ridgeback Guinea Pig

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Ridgeback Guinea Pigs are often called the Ridgy’s or Ridgy pigs are named so because of the feature of hair on their back that starts from their ears and go all through their spine. This hair ridge has a length of approx 2.5cm and doesn’t swirl but sticks straight up. The hair is ideally be short, regular, straight and should look like a mountain top. The Ridgeback are easily recognized from other breeds due to their striking appearance.  A very common breed that is recognized in the UK and as a Rare Variety in Sweden.

They can grown up between 5 to 12 inches and has a lifespan of 4 to 7 years. Baby Ridgebacks aren’t always showing the ridge of hair on their back. It could take a few weeks for the fur to develop and appear.

The Ridgy eat, drink, and behave just like any other guinea pig and so their diet remains the same as the others. There are different variety of guinea pigs with crested ridgeback which are bred in Australia. Ridgebacks are often bred by specialist breeder from around the world who value them for their unique feature of hair on their backs.




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