Signs of Unhappy Cat

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Our adorable cats make us happy. We do and provide the best we can for them to make them feel happy as well. But since humans and cats don’t speak the same language, it sometimes become difficult to understand if they are truly happy. Here are a few tips to help you understand your cat.

Your cat does nothing but lie around
This one might seem normal. But not exactly. Cats indoor can be bored. If your cat becomes lethargic, it might be under-stimulated. Bored cats are inactive and will be prone to obesity which can lead to diabetes and joint issues. Make sure to provide your cat with an active environment and keep it entertained. It is normal for your cat to slow down as it age, but your should call your vet once you notice a sudden or drastic changes in behavior.

Fraidy cat
Some cats have a great risk of having anxiety. Such cats tend to perceive things in their surroundings as threats. These cats hide when strangers are around or urinate outside their litter box when they see unfamiliar cats outside. Covering your windows where the strange cats lurk will help your anxious cat and provide a safe place for your cat to retreat when there is commotion. Like humans, it is breaking to live in fear and the anxiety is very real to anxious cat.

Crying cat
If your cat cries for food continually, she might actually be seeking your attention. People joke about cats crying for food even their bowl still has some food in it. We laugh that cats might be looking for a better food, but what she might really need is you. Try stroking or petting your cat or just interact instead of feeding her.

Providing the basics
Happy cats eat, drink, sleep and play. Your cat may be telling you he is not please if he’s not meeting their own simple needs.

Actions speaks louder
Your cat’s body is actually telling you things if you keenly observe. If your cat thrashes her tail and lays back hear ears, she is uncomfortable and tense. These gestures can be signs of a playful combat, but cats should be relaxed after playing. If you notice that your cat gets tense more than occasionally, it might be worth assessing your environment through your cat’s perception. Make sure your cat is able to access needed resources and that peace prevails inside your home.


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