Is your dog vomiting blood?

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It’s a sign of serious emergency or a minor problem when a dog vomits blood. When this happens you should have a close look at the vomit. A small amount of red blood in the vomit might be caused by a simple stomach irritation. A dog who has upset stomach and has been vomiting a lot may cause his or her stomach to get irritated that can have a little bleeding. There are some cases where we see stomach bleeding in pets that are taking non-steroidal (anti-inflammatory) drugs. A few flecks of red blood in the vomit is not necessarily very serious. As long as the bleeding doesn’t get worse, you could potentially wait until the next day to ask your vet.

There are times that a dog vomiting blood needs an immediate trip to your vet. Vomit that is uniformly bright red signifies a large amount of bleeding. Dark-brown or black blood that looks like coffee grounds indicated the bleeding has been going on for a long period of time, which makes it very concerning. A dog vomiting blood and who is also acting very ill should be taken to the vet immediately. You should also check your dog for other sources of bleeding. Your dog might be bleeding from the mouth or the nose and swallowing it. Any kind of bleeding that doesn’t seem to be slowing down, from nose or the mouth, or any signs of bleeding including bruising on the skin or blood in stool are emergency.



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