Interesting Facts About Cat Paws

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Here are some interesting fact about cat paws:

  1. Cat have dominant paws
    Cats have a dominant front paw. Although studies differ as far as the percentages of cats who are right, left, or ambidextrous, they all agree that cats do have paw preferences, especially when they are performing challenging tasks.
  2. Cat walk tiptoed
    Cats are considered Digitigrade which means that they move through their world on tippy toes. Walking and running on toes raises the odds of having a successful hunt by boosting speed and lengthening the strides. They are also quieter on their toes, giving them stealth for hunting.
  3. Cat paws are sensitive
    Those little paw pads are extremely sensitive. They contain large concentrations of nerve receptors, making them finely tuned sensory organ that helps in hunting and maintaining balance. These paw pads are very sensitive to temperature, pain, and pressure. Hot pavements, frozen sidewalks, ragged surface can injure their soft pads.
  4. Cat paws are flexible
    The ability to bend and turn help felines to climb and hunt. One of the reasons felines are so adept at climbing up trees is because their front paws are designed to turn inward in order to sink claws into branches.
  5. Cat paws act as shock absorbers
    Paw pads cushion and soften landings when cats leap and whey walk on rough ground.
  6. Cat paw help with grooming.
    Cat paws and fore legs are great grooming tools – helping the cats tidy those hard-to-reach spots behind ears, under chins, on faces and necks.
  7. Cat paws help a kitty sweat
    Cat paws are cooling system which helps cats from over-heating on hot days. Stressed or frightened cats also sweat from the bottoms of their paws.
  8. Cat paws are used to communicate
    Cats scratch objects to mark their territories and broadcast information about themselves. In addition to the mark, pheromones are deposited on scratched surfaces from scent glands that are located between the paw pads. This scent is packed with information about the scratcher.
  9. Cat paw colors vary
    Paw pads come in colors that match the rest of the cat’s color scheme.

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