How to determine kitten’s age.

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Kitten age is hard to determine if a kitten is found after birth. But knowing the age of the kitten is very important so it can receive the proper amount of care. A vet would be the most accurate help you can get to determine the age of a kitten, but there are ways that you can do to try and guess a kitten’s age.

Check for the umbilical cord
Young kittens will still have their umbilical cords attached to them. Kitten with an umbilical cord could age as young as zero to three days. It is vital that the kitten get round-the-clock care at this age if it has been separate from the mother. Preferably with a foster mother cat.

Check on the status of eyes and eats
The age can also be determined through the eyes and ears. Kittens will start to partially open their eyes at about one week to ten days old. Their eyes will completely open and their ears will begin to open between two to three weeks of age. Kittens typically have blue eyes in their first two weeks of life and eventually changes color afterward. Some breeds, however retain their blue eye color.

Level of activity
Kittens don’t start to stand until they are between two and three weeks of age. They tend to be more curious of their surrounding at around four weeks of age, but they may still stumble many times. They will be more firm with their stance at five weeks. It is difficult to determine the kitten age after six weeks, as the kittens will become extremely active and this energy can last for between eight months to a year.

Check the teeth
A kitten will have all of the baby teeth at around eight weeks of age. This means that the cat will have incisors, canines, bicuspids, and molars. You can guess follow this guide for the cat’s teeth development:

  • 0 to 2 weeks: No teeth
  • 2 weeks: Incisors (small front teeth) begin to develop
  • 3 to 4 weeks: Canines (pointy, long teeth on either side of the front teeth) develop
  • 4 to 6 weeks: Bicuspids (the teeth to the other side of the canines) develop


Estimate the size
Kittens grow fast. They are already half the size of an adult cat at age of three to four months old. In 12 months, a kitten is considered an adult and may be fully grown and would be possible for it to grow a bit bigger over the next year.



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