Home Treatment for Kennel Cough

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The kennel cough is not any different from any cough humans get. Just as human colds may be caused by many different viruses, kennel cough can have multiple causes. There are home remedies for kennel cough that can also work on humans. But before you try any of these home remedies, you may want to ask your doctor about it and contact your vet immediately if the cough persists or worsens.

Honey has an antibacterial property making it a good home remedy for kennel cough. Give your dor one tablespoon of honey, twice daily until you notice the coughs are out. The honey also works to relieve the nasal discharge that accompanies kennel cough

This essential spice is a great dietary supplement for dogs. It is safe add over your dog’s food bowl any time of the year. Cinnamon is specially a good kennel cough home remedy with its antiviral property. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon over your dog’s food.

Known for oral and digestive health benefits, probiotics have beneficial bacteria to support your dog’s immune system.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil has an amazing antiviral property just like the cinnamon. It is a helpful home remedy for kennel cough, which is caused by the Bordetella virus. You may give your dog two teaspoons of coconut oil daily until the cough is cured.



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