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It is important to cat-proof just like how we childproof our homes.  You can use our guide to evaluate how your household is set-up and eliminate potential health hazards:

Check for heavy objects that could fall over
Cats have good reflexes specially when jumping out of the way of moving things. But your kitty might not have a chance if a top-heavy book shelf to suddenly tips over. Check for your things that might suddenly topple and hurt your cat or even your household members and guests. Make sure the cabinets, shelves or other places that your cats likes to constantly jump are properly installed.

Check the placement of equipment that may harm your cat
If you happen to workout at home and possess exercise equipments, make sure that your cat is in a separate spot or room away when you are using it. Cats are fascinated in motion, the movement of gym equipment may excite the cats and may run towards it.  A home elliptical machine may harm your cat if someone is using it and the cat happened to run under it or in front of it. If you have large gym equipments be cautious when your cat is around when you use them.

 Secure off-limits area
If you are the type of cat parent that doesn’t want your feline going outside, make sure that all of your windows and doors are shut securely. Prevent your cat ripping through your window screen by using a durable screening.  Check for other spots in your home that you don’t want your cat to be.  If you don’t want your cat under the sink and playing with your cleaning agents, make sure that those cabinet doors are shut securely.

Remove or store properly small thing that can harm your cat
Keep anything that may attract or harm your cat, off-limits.  String like things like rubber bands, dental floss, yarn, kitchen twine , sewing thread should be stored securely. Put away toys that may contain long strings when not in use.

Consider the needs of senior cats
It is important to modify and make a safer environment for an older cat. If your senior cat is having trouble climbing in and out of the litter box, provide a new one with a lower opening to help her or him enter or exit the litter box easily.

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