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The only way to be certain that a cat has a fever is to take his or her temperature. A pediatric rectal thermometer is the most accurate method for checking a cat’s temperature. It is safer to use digital thermometer as it won’t shatter if your drop it and it has a feature to provide a signal when it is time to check the reading compared to a glass thermometer. You can get digital thermometer from your vet or at the drug store.

  1. Prepare all the supplies you’ll need before you start taking cat’s tempereature:
  • Thermometer
  • Petroleum Jelly – lubricant for the thermometer
  • Alcoholc and paper towel for thermometer cleaning
  • Cat treat
  1. Start by shaking the glass thermometer so the mercury is below the 96º line. Then turn on the button of the digital thermometer to use it.
  2. Next, coat the tip of the thermometer with the petroleum jelly.
  3. Have an assistance to restrain your cat with the hind end facing you. Or if you will do it alone, cradle your cat’s body firmly against you with one arm.
  4. Gently lift the tail and slowly insert the thermometer into the anus. Slowly twist the thermometer from side to side to the muscles to relax. If you notice that your cat is at ease, slowly insert the thermometer about one inch into the rectum, do not force it.
  5. Leave the glass thermometer and wait until you hear the beep.
  6. Remove and clean the thermometer with an alcohol and check for the temperature reading.
  7. Give your cat a treat if he or she has not been vomiting.


It is best to see a vet If your cat still has a fever above 106ºF for more than 24 hours. The vet may conduct tests to determine the source of the fever and take the necessary actions to treat the underlying problems. Never give your cat any medication without an advice from your vet as some medications for fever are toxic to cats.




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