Dog looks like a Pixar character in real life

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Moose is a blue heeler with special needs.  When his parents got him as a puppy, they noticed he a strange feature in his looks so they took him to the vet.  The check-up shows that Moose has a deformed head. Moose also has a huge under bite and his upper jaw also has a problem but what alarms his parents most is his seizures. Due to his condition Moose has been prone to seizures, growing up.

Moose vet believes that the dog has a deformed brain and is recommended to undergo MRI but the average cost is for the treatment cost much for his parents. His parents decided to sell items like t-shirt to help get Moose the medication he needs. They also started a gofundme account for Moose ready for donations. If Moose get to have his treatment, his parents plan to train him to be a therapy dog and take him to the hospitals.

But his condition doesn’t keep him from living a happy life. He’s a momma’s boy and has a great sense of humor. And he loves his two siblings more than anything.

 You can follow Moose’s instagram account @mooseboy16



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