Deuce, the two-legged dog

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A two-legged dog named Deuce is defying the odds.

Deuce has been using only two legs on the right side of the body. In April, the dog was found severly injured in a ditch and both of his legs on the left side were broken and suffered infection.

Jean Gibowski, the founder of Camp Jean Dog Rescue in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky said: "Despite very aggressive medical treatment there was nothing we could do," 

Any other solution than euthanasia didn’t seem possible at the time, said Gibowski. After two days of taking the dog home, they noticed that the left legs injured were beyond repair so she and the vets opted to amputate both of the legs.

"My thoughts were still, 'It's possible. It's improbable but it’s possible, so let's see if we can have another miracle.'"

Less than 24 hours later, Deuce was on the move.

"He absolutely doesn't know he's not supposed to be running around with two legs," said Gibowski. 

Deuce is now set to visit wounded soldiers or children facing amputation to give them courage to overcome disabilities. There is a custom cart that will be fitted to Deuce once he rehabilitates.

"I have more people message me on Facebook and Instagram saying he's such an inspiration, proves nothing is impossible," said Gibowski.


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