Can dogs eat vegetables?

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Know more about what vegetables are good for your dog and which to avoid. Here are few dos and dont’s in serving veggies to your pup:

There will always be a long healthy debate when it comes to feeding tomatoes to your dog. Dogs can eat tomatoes but not too much. Small quantities will do fine for dogs, but large volume is bad due to the naturally occurring chemicals in the fruit that may cause heart and nervous system problem to your pup.  What’s even worst is a little bit ripe tomato that may cause stomach problem.

Also, the green parts of the tomato plant is harmful for your dog as they contain solanine. Solanine is a chemical found high concentrations in these parts of the plant. It’s better to keep off your dog out of your garden if you are growing tomato plant.

Dogs can consume carrots, just make sure to cut it into smaller pieces so it can be easily chewed on.

A small quantity of celery is okay for dogs. Too much may cause dogs to urinate more. You can serve it in small, chewable pieces with the leaves removed.

A cucumber peeled and served in chewable pieces is good for dogs. Pickles is another thing, the vinegar and salt in pickles may cause stomach problem for your dog.

Dogs can have kernels of ripe corn. Avoid giving your dog a corn cob for it can cause damage to the your dog’s digestive tract. If you plan to give your dog some popcorn, feed them with a plain one without butter nor salt. Corn and popcorn are safe treats for dogs.

You can let them have a few if your dog has a taste for peas. Peas are safe for dogs.

Should only served in small and reasonable amount.

Green  Beans
Yes, your dog can have green beans but in moderation. You can served it raw or cooked but remember not to use salt and any other additives.

Onion And Garlic
Onions cause a condition called haemolytic anemia to dogs when consumed. Haemolytic anemia is the breakdown of red blood cells that results of your dog getting less oxygen. The more concentrated the onion, the more fast it works. It is the same reason why you should avoid dogs to eat garlic. Avoid serving these two veggies to your pup.


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