Can dogs cry like humans do?

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If you know your dog well, you can understand what her or she is trying to say with just the body language or vocalizations. A wagging tail and eager face interprets joy but it is hard to read if your dog has pain or sorrow. Do dogs cry tears same as human weeping?

Before we dive deep in to the talk of dog tears, let’s first understand the tear stains. Dog owners knows the tear stains specially with the light or white-coated dog. Those tear stain are like rust-colored trails leading away from the eyes. It happens to dark-coated dogs too but it’s harder to see in them. This is enough proof that dogs do have tear ducts. The tear staining(ephipora) is basically excessive tear production.

There are three kinds of tears but dogs only make use of two kinds of tears: the basal and reflexive. Basal tears keep a dog’s eyes wet and functioning. There tears are produced constantly, if slowly. The reflexive tears protects the eyes and work to flush out dirt, pollen, debris and other eye irritants.

The third type of tear is the emotional tears. These are the only ones that dog tear ducts don’t produce. Dogs don’t respond to the same stimuli as humans do. Dog vocalizations serve practical purposes and does not accompany tears. They bark or howl when they sense a threat and they whine when they want food, exercise or attention.

Dogs may not express grief, sorrow, longing, loss, anger or happiness through their tear ducts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel those emotions as keenly.


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