Blindness in cats

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Blindness in cats is not a common condition. However, it can sometime be difficult to determine if your cat has lost sight. Cats use their other senses, such as touch, smell, and hearing very well and they can usually navigate quite well, even with a total loss of vision. Conditions such as glaucoma, high blood pressures and tumors are the leading causes of a cat’s blindness. Blindness can also be sudden, when sudden illness or some type of trauma causes the loss of vision, or it can be a deterioration of the vision over time.

Determining if your cat has lost his vision can be sometimes difficult, but these are the most common signs that owners should be aware of:

  • Bumping into things
  • Jumpy behavior, appearing startled
  • Loss of interest in normal activities


Treatment for cat’s blindness will be different in each case, depending upon its cause. Glaucoma and high blood pressure will be treated independently. However, it’s likely that there is a permanent damage to the structures of the eye and blindness irreversible if the condition has gone untreated for too long. The condition will still need to be treated to avoid dysfunction of other important functions.

If tumor is present, the cat will need to undergo surgery. If the tumors have caused permanent eye damage or the nerves in the brain, blindness may also be irreversible.


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