Biggest Dog Breeds in the World

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Large dogs are generally well-tempered, affectionate, calm, and loyal animals despite their massive appearance. Throughout the history, these strong titans have been of great use in protecting livestock, guard properties, as well as hunting. Generally, adopting a large dog will cost you a bit more than the smaller breeds. However, they make great family pets that will perfectly get along with children.  Here are the top 10 biggest dog breeds list:

St. Bernard
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Height: 60 to 89cm
Weight: 73 to 177kg

Image result for Newfoundland dog

Height: around 183cm
Weight around 118kg

Great Dane
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Height: 76 to 87cm
Weight: 54 to 90kg

French Mastiff
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Height: 58 to 76cm
Weight: 55 to 66kg

Anatolian Shepherd
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Height: 76 to 92cm
Weight: 41 to 68kg

Image result for Leonberger

Height: 71 to 80cm
Weight: 54 to 77kg

English Mastiff
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Height: 64 to 91cm
Weight: 50 to 156kg

Image result for Landseer

Height: around 82cm
Weight:around 82kg

Image result for Kangal

Height: 76 to 81cm
Weight: around 66kg

Tibetan Mastiff
Image result for Tibetan Mastiff

Height: around 84cm
Weight: 45 to 72kg




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