Autoimmune Disorder in Dogs

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It is rare for dogs to have autoimmune disorders. The dog’s immune system will be diseases and will not recognize the body’s own cells, therefore attacking these. The disease can appear on the skin or attack internal organs. These autoimmune diseases cannot be completely treated but the can be controlled with various medications.

The immune system is responsible of defending the dog’s body against bacteria and viruses. Antibodies will be produced by the immune system, which can reduce the dangers presented by the infectious agents. However, some dogs with an autoimmune disorder, will have their immune system not functioning properly. The immune system will produce certain antibodies that will attack the cells in the dog’s body. This is because the immune system will consider the body cells a threat and will try to protect the body. An autoimmune disease can appear on the skin or in the dog’s system or may involve both the skin and the internal organs.

The most frequent auto-immune diseases in canines are Lupus, Pemphigus Vulgaris or Foliaceus,  and Autoimmune liver disease.

 The cause of this immune malfunction is not known. Some vets believe that dogs that are constantly exposed to various toxic substances are more likely to develop autoimmune conditions. Other suggest that excessive vaccination and the administrations of various medications can cause autoimmune diseases. Symptoms of autoimmune diseases may resemble signs of many other skin conditions or internal issues. These symptoms may be exhibited by your dog:

  • Elevated fever
  • Depigmeted skin areas
  • Dermatitis
  • Lethargy
  • Weight loss
  • Hair loss
  • Skin lesions
  • Swelling of joints or other organs


There are no complete treatment of autoimmune disorder, however, there are means to manage these conditions. Veterinarians prescribe treatments for the dog’s symptoms and will also recommend cyclophosphamides and corticosteroids. The dog may also get topical treatments and anti-inflammatory medication. The dog owner should provide a stress-free environment and avoid strenuous exercises.




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