Are dogs and wolves similar?

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Most of us who like dogs appreciate the appearance of wolves, and many dog owners even want their dogs to be like wolves. Dogs are not wolves. They are not the same animal, and humans should be happy about that.

The difference of wolves and dogs are not hard to understand, but there some people who are treating their dogs in a certain manner thinking dogs are just like wolves. But are they the same?

Dogs probably descended from wolves according to DNA testing. The origin probably took place at least 15,000 years ago or more. As time has passed, a lot of things happened making dogs different to wolves. Dog’s DNA relationship with dogs are similar to that of humans to chimpanzees. No human couples raise their children as chimpanzee. In the same way, dogs should not be raised or to be treated like wolves.

Maybe you are wondering that if dogs descended from wolves, why are they different? One reason is because of the things surrounding them. Wolves are big game hunters, and the only way to take down large prey is by using teamwork. Dogs on the other hand are facultatively social species and prefers living alone like coyotes. Dogs doesn’t need a pack nor acting like they are a part of a pack. Domestic dogs don’t need to fight for limited food resources nor do they need to compete for breeding.

Modern day dogs probably were the most calmest and most tractable wolves before. This personality trait has been emphasized over the thousands of years that dogs have lived with humans.

Dogs sleep differently than wolves. Wolves use den for them to sleep. Dogs don’t need or want to use a den. Dogs even feral dogs with no home don’t sleep in a den. Dogs only dig a den when they are about to whelp or use it when the puppies are born. They are also not obligate carnivores. They can scavenge and survive on whatever they happen to come across.

Dogs are usually smaller than wolves, are not built like wolves, do not act live wolves. However, you can own a dog that looks like a wolf. But not matter what your dog looks like, it will never be a wolf. Allow your dog to be a dog.


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