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Cross of Abyssinian and Siamese started the Ocicat breed.  A cat breeder named Virginia Daly bred an Abyssinian with a Siamese and produced a litter of ticked-coated kittens in 1964. One male kitten got a wildcat-looking spotted cat who she named Tonga. Further cross-breeding with the Abyssinian and Siamese plus the American Shorthair led to the creation of the Ocicat breed.

Tonga was the first Ocicat to appear at a CFA show in 1965. The Ocicat breed went into temporary hiatus for 11 years while the main breeder Virginia Daly focused on domestic matters. In the early 1980s, Daly returned to breeding the Ocicats and the bread has steadily grown popular since. The breed was granted championship status in 1987 and is now ranked 18th in popularity among the CFA-recognized breeds.

Ocicats have a signature array of thumb-print sized spots in a bull’s eye pattern on their coats. They have a solid muscles on a sleek, medium-sized, athletic-looking body. They usually weighs between 6 to 14 pounds.

These cats are the best if you are looking for a feline who will interact with you and even engage in conversation. This breed possesses a tabby temperament and thrives on the company of people. Ocicats enjoy the company of other family cats, dogs, and other pets. They hate being alone and may act out of boredom and lack of regular exercise. These cats love to play as hunters and to leap onto very high places.




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