All about the Munchkin Cat

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The modern version of the Munchkin breed was developed in Louisiana in the 1980s. The Munchkin breed began when a short-legged tomcat named Talouse bred with feral Domestic Shorthairs, creating a population of short-legged cat. By the early 1990s, a group of breeders of this cat petitioned TICA for recognition of the breed, which they named the Munchkin. The breed was recognized by the TICA in 1995.

The result of a recessive gene, this breed became famous for their short legs yet the rest of the cat’s body retains normal proportions. This cat comes in both short and longhaired varieties, and in almost every color and pattern.

Despite their shortlegs, these cats are very mobile and can jump onto low couches and tables. They are outgoing and playful. Due to their mixed breeding, these cats tend to have a greater variety of personality types.

There is still controversy around the Munchkins as many cat fanciers don’t believe Munchkins should be bred.


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