All about the Gato cat

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Little is known of the origin of this breed.  This exotic breed has a combination of traits from a few breeds, including the Himalayan, the Siamese, and the Egyptian Mau.

The Gatos tend to be very small cats weighing only between 6 to 9 pounds, making them more petite than many of the other cat breeds. They coat comes in all colors and shades including black with chocolate brown, orange, tortie, and black and white. Those that are Siamese mixes will have lilac markings with stripes or patches and beautiful blue eyes.

These cats are affectionate and they really like to interact with their human families. They are easygoing, relaxed and laidback temperament. The Gatos don’t like fights or confrontations with other cats or pets of other species. They usually takes steps to avoid fight with others. They often outright avoid fellow pet that is feeling irritable or grumpy.

As for grooming, maintaining the Gatos are very easy. They only need brushing weekly and they tend to shed less than other cat breeds. Medium-haired Gatos need to be groomed more often to avoid hairballs and fur matting.


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