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Explorer Arthur Waden developed the Chinook in the early 20th century with the hope of creating a durable, strong and friendly sledding dog. He crossed Mastiff-like dog with a Husky producing several puppies that were later crossed with German Shepherds and Belgian Shepherds making what we know as today’s Chinook.

This breed has a large, muscular frame covered in a thin, dense double coat that usually comes in various shades of yellowish-brown or orange-brown. The broad head has a tapered muzzle, prick ears that sometimes droop, and beautiful amber eyes.

You may see the Chinook as an outdoor, rugged dog but it prefers to cuddle and play with its family indoors. This dog likes to help with chores, snooze on beds and sit close to friends on the couch. But don’t worry if you’re an outdoor type as this dog will gladly follow you with your adventures. Chinook makes a loyal but very restrained watchdog and is very protective of its family. This dog forms special bonds with children and it sometimes prefer playing with children than adults.

Chinook has a life expectancy of 15 years with a relatively few genetic health problems. Some Chinooks may develop eye problems, hip dysplasia, epilepsy and skin problems. Occasional brushing is need to maintain the thick coat. Keep in mind to give this dog daily walk and plenty of cuddle time.



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