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In early 1970s, writer and cat enthusiast Paul Casey had the idea of raising awareness of wild cat poaching in Africa creating the California Spangled Cat. After visiting Africa and seeing the difficulty of leopards and other spotted cats being poached, he decided to create a spotted domestic cat to raise awareness of the need for wild cat conservation. He then started a breeding program to produc a cat that resembled a miniature leopard. Crossbreeding the Abyssinians, American and British Shorthairs, Siamese and spotted cats from Egypt and Malaysia resulted the California Spangled cat. These cats remained as one of the rare breeds today.

These cats have sturdy, tubular frame with short spotted coat and hunter-like gait that gives the wildcat appearance. The rounded or blocked spots are sometimes grouped into rosette patterns. Males can weigh 12 to 15 pounds and females 8 to 10 pounds.

California Spangled cats are friendly and enjoy the company of humans and other cats. They love playing any games that involves chasing and pouncing on toys. Being intelligent and athletic makes them a good candidate for leash training. They love being in high places and will appreciate having a high platform where it can keep an eye on household activities.

This breed is generally healthy and would require weekly grooming.


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