All about the Belgian Sheepdog Groenendael

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Also known as the Belgian Shepherd Groenendael, this breed is one of the Belgium’s four sheepdog varieties. It was named for the Belgian city of the same name. The Belgian Sheepdog is a famous sheepdog worldwide. The breed is valued for its versatility as a working dog, police dog and companion.

The Belgian Sheepdog is a light, graceful, square-built canine covered in medium-long, straight, solid-black coat. This dog has a powerful, flat-topped head with a black nose, triangle-shaped and a pointed muzzle.

This dog is highly protective of its family, property, and territory. They are passionate but restrained watchdog. It is alert and watchful companion to children, it flourishes when give affection and steady dose of good-natured play.

This breed can live as long as 14 years. Their ears should be checked regularly for signs of infections, and the teeth should be brushed regularly.


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