All about the Belgian Laekenois

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Of the four Belgium’s standard sheepdogs, the Laekenois is the rarest. The Laeknois’ original duty was to guard the fine linens hung in the fields of Antwerp. Little are know about the history of the Laekenois until 1891 when Belgian dog fanciers decided to form the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club and classify and name their herding breeds.

The Belgian Shepherd Laekenois is smart, brave, alert and devoted. It’s in the dog’s nature to protect his family and property. This dog keeps a vigilant eye out for strangers and watches them closely, ready to spring into action if necessary, but never shows apprehension.  The Laekenois should have plenty of space to roam around. It should have an access to a securely fenced yard.

The dog’s rough coat is easy to groom. A weekly brushing is require to remove dead hair and distribute skin oils. Despite its wiry texture, the coat sheds somewhat year-round.

This breed has a life span of 10 to 12 years. A relatively healthy breed, but some may develop skin allergies, eye problems and hip dysplasia. From an early age, keep the dog active and socially challenged. It truly thrives when the canine has a job to do.


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