All about the Australian Terrier

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Australian Terrier is one of the first recognized breed in Australia. The breed was most likely derived from a combination of several English terriers including the, Cairn, Yorkie, and the Skye. These dogs are known for their hard work for herding, pest-controlling Outback ranches and farm, and guarding.

Australian Terriers are strong, affectionate, and determined. These dogs are eager to please and train. Their hardworking nature makes them great companions on farms, ranches or in the country. They are also valued for their skill to keep the little critters away. “Aussies” have keen eyesight and hearing, these dogs don’t miss a beat around home. You can imagine how superb their watchdog instincts are.

Gromming the Australian Terriers is fairly easy. They would only need a good brushing every week or so. Bathing is required when necessary as too much soap can remove the fur’s natural oils. These dogs also need their hair around their ears and eyes to be trimmed when it gets too long.

This breed has a life expectancy of 15 years or longer. They are generally free of genetic health issues, but some may develop diabetes and tumor.


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