All about the Australian Kelpie

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The breed was developed from a mix of English working dogs in the late 1800s. The breed was made from necessity: the outback climate was too rough and tough for your typical Border Collie. Today, this breed is still the most popular working dog in Australia and does a great job as an household companion as well.

Australian Kelpies have compact, muscular frames, which are slightly longer than tall. They are covered in coarse, weatherproof coats that come in black, black and tan, chocolate, blue, and fawn. The long, narrow heads have pointy ears and almond-shaped eyes.

These dogs are friendly, devoted, and focused canines. They are one person-dog but are playful with everyone in the family. Australian Kelpies are born to run, herd and work. So if you’re a long-distance runner or a jogger, lucky for you, as these dogs have incredible stamina. Australian Kelpies may not be suited for apartment living. They need lots of room to run and plenty of exercise.

This breed has a life expectancy of 14 years with common health issues such as hip dysplasia and eye problems.

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