All about the Appenzell Mountain Dog

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This breed is one of the four Swiss Mountain Dogs and is considered the rarest. Also known as the Appenzeller Sennenhund, this dog was first classified in the 19th century. However, some claims that this breed believed to descend from Bronze Age working dogs. The breed has been used by generations of Swiss farmers for herding sheep, pulling carts, providing companionship and guarding properties.

This muscular, medium-sized dog is covered in short glossy coats that are usually black or Havana brown and white with rust-colored patches between the black/brown and white. The broad flat heads have small dark eyes, tapered muzzles, and hanging ears.

Appenzell Mountain Dogs are lively and outgoing canines. They are affectionate with family members. These dogs are very intelligent and adaptable. They get along with other pets and children with proper introductions.  These highly energetic, hardworking dogs truly appreciate working in wide-open spaces.

This breed needs room to run and explore, that even a large fenced yard might make it feel confined. No matter the location, Appenzell Mountain Dog needs long walks every day to stay in shape.



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