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Akitas originated in the northern mountains of Japan in Akita region and were developed to be brave hunters. The dogs eventually became popular throughout the world and they proved to be equally resourceful as police dogs, sledding dogs and watch dogs. Helen Keller helped popularized Akitas in the United States by travelling and lecturing with her loyal Akita named Kami. After the World War II, many American soldiers brought the breed back home with them. Today, Akitas are still considered national treasure in Japan and a symbol of prosperity and good health.

Akitas are large-sizes dogs with sturdy frames covered in thick, water-resistant coats. They have broad heads with black noses, short muzzles, and pointed ears leaning forward. They are slightly longer than tall with thick, muscular necks that widen a bit at the shoulders. Their thick, double coats comes in almost any color.

Though Akitas are valued for being fierce hunters, they can be tame and gentle pals around the house. They are not the type to cuddle on the couch for long periods of time. They have an alert and responsive in nature but they are sweet, affectionate, and dependable companions.

 They can adjust to an apartment living, but would need plenty of daily exercise to maintain physical and mental wellness. This dog requires an owner who can devote the time, patience and training for proper socialization. Keep in mind to keep this dog on a leash at all times when in public.

Akitas have a lifespan of up to 12 years with common health issues including hip dysplasia, immune deficiencies, eye and thyroid issues. Their thick coat should be brushed daily and they shed heavily during spring and fall.


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