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Summer means more outdoor activities for our family, friends and pets. But during our under-the-sun times, we humans know when to cool off and stay indoors, dog sometimes push themselves too far when they are outdoors. This is when dogs may encounter heat stroke.

The common symptoms of dog heat stroke are getting dark pink to red mucus membranes and gums, excessive panting, nausea, and physical weakness or passing out. Other symptoms like increase of heart rate, muscle cramping and lack of moisture on the dog’s gums or tongue and reddening of the skin also known as erythema can be signs of having heat stroke.

You need to closely check on your dog during this season. Pet owners are the first line of defense for prevention, early recognition, and initial treatment of heat stroke. It is best that you keep your dogs inside during the warmest days but you need to make sure that your home is kept at a temperature good for you and your pet. If your dog happens to be your fitness buddy, you need to change or shorten your workouts during summer to avoid heat stroke in dogs. And if you are planning for road trips with your dog this summer, be sure never to leave your dog unattended inside the car.

If your dog shows signs of heat stroke, give it plenty of water. You can also wet your dog with room temperature water. Avoid ice water or ice packs for it can actually rise your dog’s core temperature. Also, don’t soak your dog in water for it will prevent the effective evaporation of the heat. And if your dog doesn’t seem to be relaxing and starting to show weakness bring him or her to the closest animal hospital.

During this season, it is strongly advised that you always keep your fur buddy cool and well hydrated. Also give them plenty of breaks during outdoor activities. Remember that if you feel uncomfortable from the heat, your pet is likely to feel the same way.





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